You will cherish this moment forever. Charitable giving for children does not only help spread happiness but also help empower children for life!

India has the world’s largest child population. Yet, over 2 crore children have no access to school or any hope for the future. Your monthly contribution will send disadvantaged children to school & gift them education for a lifetime.

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Thousands of children in India continue to live in poverty and are unable to reach their true potential. They want to study but due to poverty, responsibility to earn a day's meal, lack of learning materials or school facilities, they drop out of school or never enrol in the first place. They remain uneducated and live the rest of their lives in poverty. 

But we can change this and give them a childhood they deserve. Your support can help these children get back to school and give them a chance to live an educated and better life. DONATE TODAY and help them achieve their dreams

Oxfam is working in the six poorest states of India to send the most vulnerable and marginalized children back to school. And we cannot do this without your support. Every month, you can contribute a fixed amount and help a child enrol in school, receive quality education and build bright future


1. Enrol in school under the Right to Education Act (RTE).
2. Generate awareness related to RTE at village/district level.
3. Provide gap classes to drop out children and enrols them to their age-appropriate classes.
4. Form school management committees comprising of teachers, students and parents for better functioning and accountability.
5. Strengthen school infrastructure and provides learning materials to children and schools.


By signing up for a monthly contribution of as little as Rs 500, you can help Oxfam educate thousands of children in India who are deprived of going to school. The amount you contribute every month will help a child learn and grow up to build a better life for themselves and their family.

Your support can change a child's life forever. Donate today!


*Monthly contribution: The generous amount you donate will help a child live a better life. Your monthly donation makes an enormous difference. Be a change maker. Donate Today. 
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