Your contribution will go a long way in helping others
  • 7000

    Will provide interactive education to 2 classes of 30 girls

  • 5000

    Will help train 5 members of the community based vigilance groups for preventing violence against women and girls

  • 3000

    Will provide livelihood skills to 2 women survivors of violence

  • 1500

    Will provide counselling sessions to a woman facing violence

  • 1000

    Will provide legal aid to a woman in a month

  • 800

    Will get 8 dropped out children back into school

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  • Humanitarian Response

    Assisting disaster affected people in overcoming its impact, and also training them to minimize the risk of future disasters.

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  • Essential Services

    Supporting marginalised communities to achieve universal access to some of the basic rights like education and healthcare.

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  • Gender Justice

    Working towards bringing violence against women to a halt and encouraging them to take up leadership positions in all areas.

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  • Economic Justice

    Aiding farmers in improving access to natural resources and in creating viable agricultural models for sustainable livelihood.

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