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  • Demand higher public expenditure on government schools to ensure government schools have the means to provide good quality education and adequate infrastructure
  • Develop and enforce a comprehensive, regulatory framework for private schools so they do not overcharge parents, collect undue fee or hike fee; this is important to ensure inclusion of all sections of children in the education system
  • Ensure schools across the country are compliant with norms under the Right to Education Act (RTE)
  • Address the issues of safety, and gender and caste-based discrimination in schools by sensitising teachers and school management committees on these issues

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Under-funding of public schools

India’s expenditure on education has hovered around 3% of its GDP. Public schools lack the means to provide quality education and infrastructure, resulting in children from economically well-off families studying in private schools and thus creating a social divide between the rich and poor.

Higher fee in private schools

Educating a child in a private school is approximately nine times the cost of a government school, including all indirect costs associated with schooling, such as books and transport. Private schools enrol children from families that can afford to pay and fail to reach the poorest.

Decreasing enrolment in public schools

Enrolment in public schools continues to fall. 52.5% children attended government schools in 2017 as compared to 70.8% in 1993.* Despite higher cost of education many parents believe that private schools offer better learning outcomes than their government school counterparts.

*Source: Central Square Foundation

Gender gap in education

Girls belonging to rich families (top 20%) got an average of nine years of education while those from poor families (bottom 20%) got none at all.* It is estimated that after the closures caused by the pandemic, girls from disadvantaged families might lost 50% of their total years of education. Girls risk being forced into early marriage, child labour, and bear the brunt of unpaid care work.

*Source: NFHS-4

Donate monthly to Oxfam India to support the most marginalised

Oxfam has been in India since 1951. Oxfam India is a movement of people working to end discrimination and create a just and an equal India. In 2019 alone, 22,621 children (53% of which are girls) from our intervention area were enrolled in schools and are receiving quality education. We were also successful in making 400 schools functional in terms of infrastructure, quality education and mid-day meals.

Your monthly donation to Oxfam India will help us continue demanding good quality public education and regulation of private schools so that every child in India gets the education they deserve. Monthly donations help Oxfam India to work on the ground without any hurdles.

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Your contributions are eligible for up to 50% Tax benefit under section 80G

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