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Oxfam India is responding in the worst affected districts of Assam

Your monthly support will provide long-term support to the people of Assam to rebuild their lives

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Your regular donation will help Oxfam India provide

  • Emergency Shelter Kits containing tarpaulin, ground sheets, solar lanterns, water filters and mosquito nets
  • Emergency Hygiene Kits containing chlorine (NaDCC) tablets, soaps, ORS, savlon, toothbrushes, toothpaste, comb, buckets and mugs
  • Access to safe, clean drinking water by installing Portable Hand Wash stations at quarantine centres, relief camps and other important places and restoration of damaged water points
  • Access to safe sanitation by installing temporary toilets at quarantine centres, relief camps and other important places
  • Long-term recovery, rehabilitation and livelihood support to families who have lost their only source of income due to floods

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Physical Distancing

The need for physical distancing and the threat of the spread of Coronavirus poses a major hurdle to relief efforts. There is a fear that with physical distancing norms now difficult to follow, families in the affected areas are more vulnerable to the Coronavirus.

Sanitation and Hygiene

Heavy rains followed by floods have damaged water resources, homes and toilets within them. With no access to clean water or functional toilets, many are being forced to consume flood water and are resorting to open defecation, resulting in a risk of contamination and disease outbreak. Women, girls and other vulnerable groups are at a greater risk of diseases.

Food Security

Floods have destroyed standing crops and stored food items leaving many already living in the margins at a high risk of a food crisis. At a time when adequate nutrition plays an important role enhancing immunity to combat COVID-19, scarcity of food will further impact public health. Households led by women, people with disability or people with prior health condition are the most vulnerable to a food crisis.

Gender-based Violence

Women and girls are among the most vulnerable groups in a humanitarian crisis. Lack of functional and safe toilets and bathing areas put them at a heightened risk of gender-based violence. Pregnant and lactating mothers, and adolescent girls are also at risk because of disrupted healthcare, lack of safe space to breastfeed, and difficulty in managing menstrual hygiene.

Your regular donation will help Oxfam India support the worst affected

Oxfam in India has been at the forefront of responding to natural and man-made disasters since 1951. Oxfam first came to India to respond to Bihar famine.

Oxfam India has a long and well recognised record of humanitarian relief in times of crisis. In the last ten years, Oxfam India has responded to disasters in Assam, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Kerala, Kashmir, Manipur, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, and Odisha. We have also provided aid to Internally Displaced Persons during Kargil War, Muzaffarnagar riots, and Kokrajhar violence.

Oxfam India provides life-saving support to disaster-hit people. This includes shelter, food, water and sanitation. Once the disaster passes, Oxfam India supports people rebuild their lives and prepare better for any future disaster.

80G Tax Benefits

Your contributions are eligible for up to 50% Tax benefit under section 80G

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