We are responding in South 24 Parganas, North 24 Parganas, and East Midnapur.
Help affected families cope with this disaster

Your donation will help Oxfam India

  • Provide Hygiene Kits to families in relief camps and quarantine centres. The kits will contain soaps, bleaching powder, buckets, mugs, sanitary pads, combs, and nail cutters.
  • Disinfect and repair drinking water resources, and install toilets and portable handwashing stations
  • Provide Shelter Kits to families who have lost their homes. The kits will contain tarpaulin, groundsheet, mosquito nets, and solar lights.
  • Dry ration to vulnerable families especially families with pregnant women, lactating mothers, women-headed household, families with elderly, sick or the differently abled
  • Unconditional cash transfer and cash for work to support households meet their immediate needs

Cyclone Amphan has left several people homeless, injured and dead

You can help the worst-hit families

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Physical Distancing

The need for physical distancing and the threat of the spread of Coronavirus has hampered evacuation and relief efforts. There is a fear that with physical distancing norms now difficult to follow, families in the affected areas have become more vulnerable to the Coronavirus

Limited Shelters

Many people living in the quarantine centres had to take shelter in school buildings to survive the cyclone. With migrant workers returning home and families affected by the cyclone both living in common shelters, children and elderly are at a higher risk of exposure to the virus.

Sanitation and Hygiene

The cyclone accompanied by heavy rain damaged homes and also the toilets within them. Limited functional toilets push people to defecate in the open increasing the risk of water and vector-borne diseases.

Gender-based violence

Men, women, and children share a common space in the shelters, this puts women and children at a greater risk of sexual harassment. Pregnant women, lactating mothers and adolescent girls too, have to share the same space with the others.

Your donation will help Oxfam India support the most marginalised

Oxfam India is building a movement to fight discrimination in India. We work to empower marginalised communities, mobilize people, advocate for inclusive policies and provide life-saving relief during emergencies and disasters.

We will leverage our expertise in water, sanitation, and hygiene to help the most vulnerable families cope with this unprecedented disaster with dignity.

We appeal to each one of you to support us. Your donation is secure and you will receive regular updates from us on how we are responding to this crisis.

80G Tax Benefits

Your contributions are eligible for up to 50% Tax benefit under section 80G

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