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Covid-19: Thousands test positive as India fights back

Your monthly donation will help us demand quality healthcare for the poor and vulnerable who need our urgent support

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Your donation will help Oxfam India

  • Help prevent the spread of COVID-19 among the vulnerable communities by creating awareness and sharing verified information about adopting prescribed protection measures through awareness vans, local media and digital messages.
  • Engage with the government and raise the issue of providing immediate economic assistance to the informal sector workforce on public platforms.
  • Advocate with the government on the immediate need for strengthening public healthcare system by allocating more funds to it.
  • Installation of ‘Portable Hand Wash Stations’ at important places like Hospital, Panchayat, Health Centres, and at important places at community level also.
  • Distribute Safety Kit containing Protective Gears/Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) among the frontline health workers and caregivers in our intervention areas, as well as the community members to help prevent the spread of infection. (N- 95 Masks, Hand Sanitisers, Gloves, Medical Aprons, Disposable Goggles, Handwashing Liquid)


Pushing informal workers into poverty

With a complete lockdown, the informal sector workers who belong to some of the marginalised communities — socially and economically — will have to go without wages pushing them further into poverty

Lack of access to healthcare for the poor

India ranks 145th among 195 countries in terms of quality and accessibility of healthcare , behind its neighbours like China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bhutan. And in the current context, it is the poorest who are least likely to be able to access this healthcare and treatment

No Safe homes

There are over 4 million homeless in urban India who are at great risk of contracting COVID-19 because of their living conditions. Physical distancing is advocated to prevent the spread of Coronavirus but most of them have several family members living in one-room homes making them vulnerable to infection

Little or no access to water

Washing hands with soap regularly (essential to prevent the spread of Coronavirus) is a luxury for over 70 million in urban India who live in informal settlements where they end up sharing resources and have community access to sanitation and drinking water facilities. They are rendered vulnerable because they have little or no access to protective measures like sanitisers, and gloves and masks

Your donation will help Oxfam india support the most marginalised

Oxfam India is gearing up to respond to this unprecedented pandemic. We will leverage our expertise in water, sanitation, and hygiene while advocating for the most vulnerable.

We also appeal to each one of you to ensure that the informal workers around you — your house help, drivers, support staff, rickshaw pullers, delivery persons, daily wagers — continue to get their wages and are provided all the support during these times.

80G Tax Benefits

Your contributions are eligible for up to 50% Tax benefit under section 80G

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