Oxfam Trailwalker is the flagship fundraising event for 9 Oxfams, conducting 16 Trailwalkers across the globe. Each team of four takes the challenge to walk 100 km within 48 hours.

Apart from being a physical challenge, Trailwalker is a
walk for equality, where teams walk to raise funds to
overcome poverty and inequality around the world.

December 5 to 7, 2014

Set on a picturesque yet demanding trail, Mumbai Trailwalker was a highly gratifying challenge. This year, the silver edition, 50 km walk in 24 hours was introduced for the Mumbai trail. Out of the 20 participating teams, 19 completed the 50 km challenge in time. 10 teams won the Fundraising Challenge Award, raising over 1.5 lakh. The highest fundraising team, Mumbai Walkers, raised 16.03 lakh. Among corporate awards, the top 3 winners registering the highest number of participation were HSBC with 25 teams, GOQii, our fitness partner with 16 teams and Accenture with 10 teams.



raised the maximum fund amount of
16,03,000 in Mumbai

Number of teams started 133
Number of teams finished 144

Team Gladiators, from the Indian Army,
set a national record by completing
the Mumbai Trailwalker challenge in

January 23 to 25, 2015

Starting from the edge of a beautiful valley, the trail covered 30 picturesque villages with farmlands, lakes and valleys around. Throughout the trail, one got the feeling of being in Silk City with silk cocoons outside almost every home. At the fourth Bengaluru Trailwalker, participants walked a new trail, Sathanuru to Nettigere, recognized as the Silk Route of the country.The highest number of participation among corporates was from Goldman Sachs with 52 teams, Accenture with 28 teams and Thomson Reuters with 9 teams.



raised the maximum fund amount of 45,50,000 in Bengaluru

Number of teams started 133
Number of teams FINISHED 179

GS United the fastest team in
bengaluru trailwalker finished the challenge in

3.62 CRore

Total funds raised by
Bengaluru and Mumbai