Oxfam India will engage consciously with the private sector to enhance their social and environmental footprint.

Kiran Karnik
Oxfam India Board

It is my privilege to present to you the Annual Report and audited accounts of Oxfam India for the financial year 2015-16.

Oxfam is relatively new as an Indian organisation, having completed just seven years as Oxfam India, on September 1, 2015. However, Oxfam has had a presence in India since 1951, and we have built on this 65 year old legacy.

We have now successfully implemented our first five-year strategy entitled “Demanding Rights and Creating Opportunities, 2010-2015”. In March 2016, the Board approved our strategy for the next four years (2016-2020). It aims at continuing and further deepening the work that we began in our first strategy, rather than undertaking any major transformation in our focus or direction. This continuity is reflected in the name itself: “Demanding Rights and Creating Opportunities: The Next Steps”; it is also indicative of our ongoing focus on removing various inequalities in our society and the need for empowerment of the disadvantaged.

While much of the work of the next four years will be directly related to what we have done in the last five (in terms of geography, themes, and social groups), there are two substantial additions to enhance the impact of our work. First, Oxfam India will be engaging much more consciously and actively with the private sector to ensure that its social, economic and environmental footprint is enhanced. Second, Oxfam India will also engage much more proactively with the public at large (beyond the poor and marginalised communities that we work with, through our partners) and seek to make them aware of our causes and build a larger base of supporters and donors over time.

Rs 91 crs

total income RAISED
IN 2015-16

Our work during the year, in close collaboration with our partners, is outlined in this report. During the year, our total income was Rs 91.0 crores as against Rs 76.2 crores in 2014-15, reflecting an increase of 19.4%. Of this, Rs 27.1 crores or 30% was raised for our humanitarian work, largely for the response to the floods in Tamil Nadu and for the conflict-related work in Assam. It also includes funds that we were able to raise for relief work after the earthquake in Nepal. I thank all our donors for their generous support and hope that you will continue to support us in the years to come.

As always, we have had strong support from others in the global Oxfam family, and I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to Oxfam International and fellow Oxfam affiliates for their continued help and commitment to Oxfam India.

Our partners across India continue to be a source of exceptional strength, and I want to thank each of them for their dedication and cooperation.

I would like to acknowledge the contribution, support and commitment of my colleagues on the Board. Finally, I congratulate Nisha Agrawal, her senior management team and all our staff who, through their hard work, dedication and passion, are engaged in bringing about a better world.

Kiran Karnik
Oxfam India Board