Nov 5, 2016

Oxfam India’s FCRA renewed

“News reports that refer to an old Oxfam trust not getting registration renewed could be misleading about Oxfam India. All of Oxfam's activities were consolidated into Oxfam India, a not for profit company, and its FCRA registration is active and has been recently renewed.

Oxfam India as a completely Indian entity used to operate as a trust but to strengthen the governance structure it was registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act.

Oxfam is celebrating its 65th year of humanitarian service in India. Oxfam first came to India in 1951 to respond to the Bihar famine. In the past six decades Oxfam has supported civil society organisations across the country to do development work in education, health, gender, livelihoods, and humanitarian issues.”

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To know more about Oxfam India’s work in the last year, read our Annual Report 2015.

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